How to Update Your Bathroom for Under $100

Oftentimes when thinking of updating your bathroom you expect the update to cost thousands, however, there are a few simple ways you can update your bathrooms even when on a budget. While for some, bathroom renovations can be quite costly and include a new vanity, new flooring, custom tile work, and a laundry list of other items and upgrades, luckily you can still give the space a new look without the more traditional upgrades in a renovation or home improvement project.

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  • Shower Curtain – A shower curtain is often the first thing you’ll see when walking into a bathroom, and thus, it should be a great design element. Whether you prefer a crisp clean linen, nautical designs, colorful patterns, etc. a new shower curtain is the single easiest way to complete an update and add some design on a budget.
  • Shower Curtain Rings – Much like your shower curtain, the style of rings you use to hold your shower curtain to the rod can either add a great design element or lower the visual appearance of your bathroom. From coordinating colors, to mixed metals, etc. the rings are a great way to boost your bathrooms décor.
  • Bathmat – Your floorins says a lot about your space, and luckily bath mats are a cheap way to boost your décor and allow your flooring to look new without a costly floor replacement. From woven mats to plush mats, foam mats, and more, your options are near limitless.
  • Hand Towels & Washcloths – Coordinating colors, from the shower curtain and bathmat, to towels and washcloths, is a great way to tie your style and décor together. Grab a few towels, hand towels, and wash cloths that match your shower curtain, or add a great pop of coordinating colors and accents.
  • Soap Pump – Soap pumps are a great way to add style and design to the counters without high spending. Additionally, this is a great way to add decor to your counters without them looking cluttered or over decorated.
  • New Photos & Frames – An easy way to spruce up the walls is with new photos and artwork. Instead of purchasing an expensive new photo and frame, simply find a free printable option, print it out and find a great cheap frame from the goodwill to hold the new piece.

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If you’re hoping to update your bathroom, whether with a small home improvement project or a large renovation or remodel, please feel free to contact our office at any time and one of our design experts would be more than happy to assist you.


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