2022 Color of The Year, Very Peri, And Where to Incorporate it Into Your Home

2022 is here which means the new color of the year has been announced, Very Peri! Very Peri is a stunning blend of periwinkle blue, however deep red undertones allow the color to be rich, bold, and provide an incredible pop of color. One of the best things with having a new color of the year is that you can easily incorporate the new color into your home, often without spending much, and thus, can make your home feel fresh and new for each New year that rolls in.

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So, where can you easily incorporate Very Peri into your home?

While you can paint accent walls, and choose big and bold projects, here are a few of our favorite, and easy, ways to incorporate a new accent color.

  • Throw Pillows – The epiphany of throw pillows, while some see them as useless, they do indeed add not only a great design element, and even comfort to your home, but they can also provide a great pop of color in your living room, bedrooms, etc. without spending a fortune. Bonus, purchase pillow covers, or cases, so that you can change out the throw pillow covers whenever you feel as if you need a change, without having to purchase new pillows.
  • Vases – Whether a vase to house kitchen utensils, fresh flowers, spare change, etc. a colorful vase can not only brighten your home, but can add extra color, this is especially popular in white-on-white kitchens as it helps break up the white counters and cabinets.
  • Pictures – Instead of spending hundreds, or even thousands on new artwork, try finding some prints, or even picture frames that have Very Peri in them. Alternatively, you can purchase a canvas, and some paint from the craft store to create your own piece of art, or allow your children to do the same, creating a one-of-a-kind picture that showcases 2022’s color of the year.
  • Soap Dispensers – Toss out the generic soap dispensers and instead, find a bold dispenser, whether a solid Very Peri colored dispenser, or one that has the color within the design to easily boost the color in your home.
  • Towels – From full sized towels to hand towels, kitchen towels, wash clothes, etc. you can easily incorporate 2022’s color of the year with a few new towels spread throughout your home.
  • Shower Curtains – Coordinating your towels, soap dispensers and shower curtains are great ways to help your bathrooms look as if you’ve just renovated with little to no effort.

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Updating your home with new designs trends can allow you to enjoy your home for years to come, change your style, add new design elements, and enjoy the evolution of your home over the years. If you’re interested in adding new design elements to your home or have questions regarding your next home improvement project or renovation, please feel free to contact our office at any time and one of our design experts would love to assist you.

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