How to Convert a Garage into a Room – If you’re one of those people not looking to buy a home but interested in expanding the space you have, you may have considered convert a garage into a livable extra space. If you’re unsure if you should indeed go through with this process, consider the following:How to Convert a Garage into a Room

  • Can you afford to bring HVAC into this new space?
  • Is the garage door easily replaceable?
  • Are you able to incorporate plumbing into the room?
  • Will your vehicle(s) be in good shape outside the garage?
  • Will the space actually be used for its intended purpose?

If you can answer “Yes!” to all of the above questions, then this may be a right move for you! Before jumping right in, however, you’ll want a solid plan in place to get your garage transformed properly. According to, the most important steps to take in creating your new living space in the garage include the following:

  • “Raising the floor height to allow for insulation over the concrete slab
  • Fully insulating walls and ceiling
  • Providing heating and cooling for the space, either by tying into the house’s main system or adding an independent one, such as a ductless mini-split system
  • An electrical service upgrade to accommodate the larger load
  • Opening up the partition wall between your house and the garage to create an open floor plan
  • Replacing garage doors with fully insulated stud walls
  • Adding windows and doors”

What are the pros?

Adding a new living space into your home has a number of benefits. First, it adds more room to entertain guests and family. If you have children and have been looking for a way for them to have their own entertainment space, this is a solid option to do just that. Second, a new living space has the potential to add extra value to your home. If done well, this addition can help raise the selling price should you decide to sell the home later.

What are the cons?

In addition to the benefits, there are also downsides to adding a new space. First, you lose the garage. If you’ve been storing one or more vehicles here, then they will need a new space for parking. Depending on where you live, this may prove legally difficult. It could also raise the risk of damage to your vehicles due to weather. Second, storage space becomes trickier for your seasonal equipment such as a lawnmower, snow blower, etc. If you have enough space elsewhere or own a shed, then the problem can be solved.
In the end, the choice to change your garage to its own living space depends on your own personal situation. If you can look at all the possibilities and necessities that go into getting this done and feel confident about it, then this transformation may be just what you need.

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