Wondering What to do With Your Extra Bedroom?

While for some the issue is a lack of space, for others having an extra bedroom can often seem like a waste. While there are a lot of more traditional uses for the extra bedroom such as creating a home office, gym, man-cave, craft room, etc. there are a few more permanent transformations that can be made to maximize the space. Keep in mind that when it comes to converting a bedroom into a different use of space you want to ensure to follow all code guidelines and do ample research prior to beginning your project.

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Extra Bathroom and Closet Space

One of the most common room conversions when it comes to an extra bedroom is to use the extra space to either add to and expand an existing bathroom or add a new bathroom all together. If the extra bedroom you plan to convert is located near the master bedroom, many homeowners will choose to add the space to their master bathroom or even their closet. While the actual configuration of your new bathroom will vary pending on the size and layout of your personal home, there a few common things that can be added to either create the master bathroom retreat of your dreams or add another bathroom within your home.

  • Walk In Closet – If your home was built more than 20 years ago, chances are you don’t have a closet as large as you may like. Because of this, allotting some of the extra space to be dedicated to a large walk-in closet is a huge bonus.
  • Spa-Inspired Shower and Bath – Ever dreamt of a large walk-in shower with multiple shower heads, jets, or a rainfall showerhead? The newly added space can allow for just that!
  • Water Closet – Water closets are growing wildly in popularity as they add an additional layer of privacy as well as create a more functional space that can be used by multiple people at a time.
  • Double Vanity – Whether you already have a double vanity that needs a little extra space and updating, or you want to upgrade your single vanity to a more luxurious double vanity, this is a common upgrade when converting the space of an extra bedroom to a bathroom.

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Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most common ways that homeowners can boost their equity, or home’s value, and thus, the idea of using an extra bedroom to add extra bathroom space is often a great choice. As with all home improvements and renovations, having a solid plan including the contractors you plan to use, floorplans, blueprints, budgets, and timelines, are all vital to the overall completion and enjoyment of your new space.

If you have an extra bedroom you want to convert, have questions regarding your next home improvement project, or if you want to speak to one of our design experts, please feel free to contact our office at any time and we would be more than happy to assist you.


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