Pros and Cons of Skylights

Skylights are often seen as a huge luxury within homes, whether installed with the homes original construction or added later down the line in a home renovation, there is a stigma that surrounds skylights, one that boasts luxurious living. However, are skylights truly all they’re cracked up to be? As with all things, there are a few pros and cons associated with the seemingly luxurious home feature:

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  • Light: Easily the biggest pro of installing skylights is simply the amount of natural light that will fill your home, even in areas where regular windows may not be able to provide the light the space needs. Ample lighting leads to lower energy bills as well as making the space feel larger than it truly is.
  • Air/Ventilation: While not all skylights allow for ventilation, many can be cracked or opened in some fashion which allows for greater ventilation and airflow within your home which is a pro for many reasons on its own.
  • Aesthetic: You can’t forget the aesthetic. As we first mentioned, skylights are a huge commodity and are known as a luxurious feature adding a stunning aesthetic to your home, whether as a focal point or additional natural lighting among many other possibilities.


  • Expenses: As with many renovations, adding this feature is extremely expensive as it requires a long list of materials, however, the installation also requires you to alter your roofing, a costly renovation if done properly.
  • Roof Leaks: Anytime you are working on or even around a roof, especially when altering roofing in any way, such as for a window installation, you risk having more potential for roof leaks, which are unfortunately often expensive to fix.
  • Damage: As mentioned with the potential for roof leaks, you also risk other damages, such as damage to your roofing, as well as interior damage to flooring, drywall, furniture, etc. should your new windows spring a leak.

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In conclusion, while there are great points for both the pros and the cons regarding skylights, some people love them and others feel they are unnecessary, so in turn there is no definitive answer on if you should install the feature within your home as it ends up relying solely on personal preference.

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